About Us

“Kingdom House Tanawha” is ideally located amidst lush gardens and a peaceful stream yet only ten minutes from Maroochydore and epicentral to the Sunshine Coast.

Sarah & Jason

Sarah & Jason


We are one hour north of Brisbane and can host of variety of corporate or social occasions.

Established in 1996, the property was renamed “Kingdom House Tanawha” in 2018 by Jason and Sarah Sheehy. Jason and Sarah are following a vision and are passionate about creating an environment for God’s Kingdom to flourish here on earth. “Kingdom House Tanawha” provides a 200sqm space and deck, along with the Art Gallery featuring local artists that allow you to soak in the atmosphere.

Sarah & Jason have burning hearts of love for others.

Sarah brings her experience of health and healing to Kingdom House Tanawha with a clear focus on “Healing, Deliverance & Freedom”. Jason has a corporate background where his prime focus has been on developing people to their potential. Now he is using his twenty years’ experience, and over a thousand coaching and training sessions, to fulfil his assignment.


Jason and Sarah are on the path that has been laid before them and invite you to come and join them.


Kingdom Keys

Kingdom Keys is focused on training, activating and equipping. For anyone to truly follow their mission, they need to release their fears. Sarah has an empowering assignment on her life and as a Holy Spirit conduit can help you receive the truth of who you are in Christ. Jason’s corporate training background gives him the edge of understanding the blocks that most of us endure from our daily jobs and day to day natural living. Jason’s success in the corporate sector has given him the experience to help you keep your life in motion so that you feel the protection and presence of the Lord in all you do.

Contact Details

A: 1 Main Creek Road, Tanawha QLD 4556

 +61 (7) 5444 6950